Saturday, May 22, 2010

Isn't That Funny???

Luca has two new cousins, one born in February and the other just over a week ago. Both were first babies for their mamas and born in the hospital. My brother's baby (the February girl) was born during RSV season so Luca and Rohan were not able to meet her until they were home from the hospital. My brother in law's baby, however, was born after RSV season and we were allowed to take both kids in to meet while they were still in their recovery room.

Since then, Luca has been talking a lot about how when she came out of mommy's tummy certain things happened. She saw her newest cousin breastfeed, and told me about how Rohan ate like that and so did she. She's a very observant kid and her memory never fails to amaze me. Just the other day we were driving to dinner and Luca, out of the blue, said to me, "Hey Mama, remember when I was born in the hospital where baby Birdie (what she calls her newest cousin) was born?". I told her I did and she asked if Rohan was born in the same place. My husband said no, and she replied, "Oh, he was born at our house!"

Fast forward to this morning when we were watching A Baby Story and a woman was giving birth in a birth center. With rapt attention, Luca watched the baby be born smoothly into his mama's hands and she broke into a smile. "Oh mama," she said turning to me, "remember when Romie (her nickname for her brother) was born here (pointing at the floor) in the big blue pool????". I told her I *did* remember and she smiled and said, "Yeah! Isn't that funny?!?!"

Yes. When I think of birth with no drugs, funny is my adjective of choice.

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