Friday, May 21, 2010


Friday is trash day in our city, and trash day holds a level of excitement for kids that we adults just don't get. Something about the sound of the big green dump truck really gets Luca giddy. If we happen to be home when the 'trash man' comes up our street, I open the blinds for Luca and let her watch the big truck growl down the street, raising the dumpsters above its body and shaking them empty with two mechanical arms. She gets so excited she yells out, "OH! OH LOOK MAMA!!!!" and her little bare feet hop up and down slapping against the tile.

This morning was no different, so I opened the blinds and she and Rohan stood waiting for the truck to come. We could hear it a street or two over, but it hadn't come in sight yet. All the sudden, she whispered to me, "Mama...look! Come look!"

Morning hair.

I went over to where she and Rohan were peeking out the window to see what was happening. Pointing, she said, "Look at those honeybirds!". Sure enough, there by the dumpster were 2 little birds, hopping back and forth from the sidewalk to the street and then flitting into our orange tree before returning to the street. Honeybirds? Not so much, but I wasn't about to tell her they weren't called that.

"That bird," she said, pointing the the larger one, "is a Luca bird. And the other one is a Rohan bird!" And then she smiled at her brother and patted him on the back. "Look, brudder, that's a Luca bird. Yeah! See it? And that one is a Rohan bird! Yeah!" And he giggled like a mad man as though he understood.

We watched the birds for a few minutes more, and then they flew away as Rohan waved and Luca said, "Bye bye honeybirds!"


JustJazzy said...

Aw...the garbage man brings much excitement in our house too.

Muffin Cake said...

Jazzy, I was totally thinking of you and The Dumplin' when I wrote about this one. Nothing beats the dump truck on a Friday morning!!


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