Friday, October 2, 2009


Romo had his 6 month appointment this morning. At 4 months he was sick, so we were able to avoid telling our (very pro-vaccine) pedi that we didn't want all the vaccines done at that age, since they won't vaccinate a sick kiddo anyhow. We ended up not going in for the follow-up appointment we'd scheduled, opting instead to go in at 6 months and deal with it then.

We had a new Pedi today, at the same office we've been using since Luca's birth. I went in ready for a battle over the vaccines. See, the thing is, I believe in vaccines. I believe they are important. But I don't think the 'regular' schedule the AAP suggests is ALWAYS right for ALL babies. And Rohan, with his Masto impacting his autoimmune system and the questions in my head over the blood-brain barrier in Masto kids and whether vaccines aare safe for him...well I'm just not sure the AAP schedule is RIGHT for him. To my surprise, the Pedi didn't argue with me, especially when I pointed out the info on the very sheets they provide, stating that some vax (like the one for Rotavirus) are not advised for kids with immune systems outside the norm. She agreed with me that the chance he'd get Rotavirus is slim, and if he DID get it, the negative effects it would have on him were less than the possible risk the vaccine would pose. I was really happy she was willing to listen to my concerns and work with me without making me feel guilty or stupid or like a negligent mom.

So we're doing an alternative vaccine schedule with him, skipping some vax all together because we don't perceive the benefit to be greater than the unknown risk. And I feel really happy and comfortable with the decision we came to together.

So overall it was a good appointment. He's 19 lb, 4 oz (75th %) and 28 inches (90th %) and is on track with all his milestones. She was even impressed he's so close to crawling and so alert and responsive to his environment.

Luca came with us to his appointment, and she was really hamming it up for the Doctor. She's been obsessed with the idea of going to the Doctor ever since her 2nd birthday appointment, and it's kind of funny to me how fascinated she is with Doctors. When we were talking about how Rohan is near crawling, Luca, who was sitting up on the exam table with a pile of books, chimed in, "And he can fall down, too."


"Yes," I tried to explain, "sometimes when he's sitting up he tips over."

"No, Mama. He fall down stairs. And then he can cry. And crrrrrrrrry."


"He falled down yes-taday." (who taught this kid to talk?!?!)

Busted. She totally ratted us out. I tried to explain to the Pedi that he did fall, when I wasn't home, but it was only 1 step into our front den and he was fine. She looked at me, smiled, and said, "If you're living in a house with a 2 year old and a 6 month old and that's the WORST thing that's happened, you're doing pretty good."

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