Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Work in Progress.

Work began just yesterday on Luca's 'big girl' room. We bought things awhile back for decorating, and also got her big girl bed, but this weekend we cracked open the paint and my mother-in-law got to work. She LOVES painting, so it's a perfect compromise since I'm not really 'supposed to' paint right now and my husband is nowhere near detail-oriented enough to do it.

For your viewing pleasure, the old room (this was NOT our doing...the people living here before us had a little boy who occupied this bedroom):

And here you'll see examples of our stellar parenting (toddler climbing ladder) and some sneak peeks of the paint job:

And, Luca helping Daddy assemble the big girl bed:

More to come once the painting is complete and the furniture and decorations are in place!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Lu's room all put together! I'm also COMPLETELY in love with the new picture at the top of your page!

cupcake monkey said...

I cannot wait to see it all finished!! I can't believe she is old enough for a big girl room!!!


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