Friday, December 5, 2008

She found the escape hatch.

Earlier this week, I was dropping Luca off at daycare and her nanny (for lack of a better word I call her the nanny, since it's an in-home place with only 4 kids total) mentioned that Luca had picked up a nasty new habit. In nanny's words, "My sweet Luca, who never causes a problem and always goes straight to bed when I put her down, has figured out how to escape." Apparently she is no longer constrained by the pack and play, and has started climbing out of it and silently destroying the room: emptying drawers, pulling out extra blankets and pillows, and undressing to her diaper to come out and say hi to nanny.

I laughed when she told me the story, because what else can you do? Luca LOVES her crib and sleeps so well in it, so I wasn't worried about her at home, I told nanny.

Famous last words from a first time mom. Fast forward to today, when I was sitting on my laptop working and my world suddenly changed. Luca's always had a way of letting us know when her naptime is over. She sleeps with a few stuffed animals of her choosing, and typically when she wakes she alerts us by throwing the stuffies on the floor. Her room's on the second floor of the house, so the thump is loud enough to alert us that she's ready to get up.

It went a little differently today. It was something like:

"thump" (blue stuffed bunny)
"thump thump" (brown bear and gray bear)
"THUD" (uh...what was that?!?!)

So I run up, open her door, and there is Trouble, standing in the middle of her room, shirt off and hair disheveled, grinning at me like a wild woman. I couldn't help it...I just started cracking up laughing. What else can you do? I asked if she climbed out, and she smiled and said "Yeah!". I asked if she had any ouchies, and she said "Yeah." and pointed to a little red spot on her arm and another on her cheek. I asked if she was ok, and she dissolved into a fit of laughter and fell over onto the floor.

She is the CUTEST pile of trouble I've ever met. And it looks like Daddy's going to be setting up that big girl bed much sooner than we expected!! I tried to get her post-escape conversation with me on video, but couldn't capture it all, which was fine because the resulting video I did get was pretty cute and entertaining anyhow.

Eeeek.....who let the toddler in the house???


Mere said...

I like how when you ask if she had ouchies she was clapping and saying "yay!!!". It is clear you have taught her to enjoy pain...that it is triumphant. Luca and I have the same haircut. I will see you in 4 days.

Colleen Broach said...

Oh Katie, I love the video. Where did that big girl come from. Don't you love how they actually participate in conversations now. Then comes the talking back.. Then ignoring you completely... LOVE every moment!! She is precious.


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