Monday, December 29, 2008

More Pictures.

I warned you that this new camera would be a sick addiction, resulting in my posting waaaaay too many pictures. Deal with it.

First, some Christmas pictures from the family Christmases. These first ones are from Darrick's family. As you can see, Luca was adequately spoiled (and then some!):

Ready to open gifts....every good gift opener knows that stretching and warming up is key to not getting injured.

Her Christmas dress, and the boots she insisted on wearing with it.

Dancing Queen, Young and Sweet, loving month 19....

Our stockings (the one on the end is for Andre the Giant...aka the fetus in my belly who may or may not be a boy)

Happy Christmas Kid.

Yes, she is THIS spoiled by her Grandparents!

There's a sea critter on her head!

Looking for more gifts to open.

The next are from Christmas with my family, where she got so many presents I had to lug them home in a 10 gallon garbage bag. We didn't get as many pictures there, since Luca was pretty exhausted by that point:

Unwrapping a present in gold paper.

Last, here are some pictures of her (almost completed) big girl room. She's slept in the big girl bed the past two nights without any real issues. She's been a bit scared when we first put her down for the night, so we've had to sit with her and rub her back until she starts to doze off, but I really think she's doing amazingly well, all things considered. Especially when you factor in her recent attempts at potty training which, though slow-going, have been impressive thus far. We'll share more pictures when the room is complete, but this is it for now. We need to add some wall decor, a dresser where you see the play kitchen below the framed art, her easel (thanks Grandma!) between the bed and bookshelf, and a bedside table and lamp between the wall and bed. But it's soooo close to done!

Her new easel (thanks Gramma!) will go on that wall.

Toy storage.

Luca got confused and thought I was taping an episode of Celebrity Cribs. This was her 'Thanks for coming, now get the eff out.' shot.

She LOVES this bed! It's from Ikea, and converts lengthwise from toddler to twin.

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Lindsey J said...

She is so so so so so so CUTE!!!! Damn...she's cute.


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