Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Should Know

I am not posting any blog entries for a good reason: I am boring right now. Our life lately has consisted of coaching wrestling and getting physical therapy (for him), trying not to obsess over baby stuff and fighting what appears to be the never-ending cold (me), and piles upon heaps of cuteness, counterbalanced by some bum rashes and explosive diapers (hers, not mine).

That said, tomorrow will bring one piece of big news, but you have to WAIT to get it. I know, I know..the suspense is killing you all. It'll be good, though, so expect a photo essay.

In addition to that, we're hosting our first annual Jammie Thanksgiving this year. We were supposed to go to the inlaws' house for dinner, but due to scheduling conflicts and my mother in law's KILLER school schedule (apparently, getting a PhD is hard work?) they begged off hosting. I totally understand, but my fetus insisted on a real turkey dinner, complete with huge piles of mashed potatoes (no skimping on the butter and pepper) and your choice of homemade apple and/or pumpkin pie. For the record, since I'm baking them I plan on at least one piece of each. We did decide to change things up from how the inlaws do it, though. Don't get me wrong; holidays at their house are always a TON of fun with the wine and food and wine and card games and wine and my brother in law getting pissed about Gin Rummy and the wine. But we cannot accomodate the level of je ne sais qoui they can, so we opted to not even try. Instead, we've instructed the family to come as they are, jammies preferred and shoes optional. No nice clothes allowed, and absolutely no crystal goblets, real silver flatware or antique dishes. I love those things, but in my house it's likely the kid would drop the crystal stemware and you'd get dog hair all over your Sunday's best, so we think it's safest to not even try to pretend we're that classy. It should be fun, except that someone just told me that apparently turkeys can have feathers in them still when bought from the store....so I plan on pawning bird prep off on Darrick. Love you, honey.

Anyhow, the day after Thanksgiving we're caravaning with the inlaws down to Rocky Point, Mexico for 4 days of fun in the sun. And the extra special bonus in that is that my wonderful brother in law is getting MARRIED while we're there to the most fabulous of women ever! I am so, so excited to get a new sister-in-law, and Luca's already put her order in for some girl cousins, which Brandon and Sydni promise to get to work on straight away. I can't believe how great those two are together, and their wedding is going to be this teeny little awesome affair, complete with candles and music and good food and lots of love. Oh, and tons of tequila for everyone but Luca and me. :::sigh::: But I can do without the tequila and be drunk on...happiness? :) Plus, I already appointed my amazing psuedo-sister in law K-Lee as my designated drinker for the weekend. She is now required by the bond of almost sisterhood (shit, after 8 years dating one of 'the brothers', she's as close to being family as you can get) to get drunk and have lots of fun on my behalf.

Anyhow, my post on how I have nothing to post turned into a post on lots of things. Interesting how that happens. But for now, that's it for my update. Come back tomorrow night for my photo essay on why change is good.

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