Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy 18 Months!

Our little Luca is 18 months old, and it seems like time is just flying by. Our baby is more little girl than baby these days, but it doesn't make me sad like it used to. Instead, we are loving every minute of her craziness, jabbering, hugs and kisses, and silly behavior.

I've been negligent in posting monthly updates lately, so I feel like I have a lot to update on. In Luca-land, she's growing and learning in leaps and bounds. She runs and dances and does silly things like pose in downward facing dog for a minute at a time or walk around with her head back, staring at the ceiling and laughing.

All this new mobility doesn't come without a price, though. My mom always told me that from the time they learn to walk until they are 3, kids are on a mission to kill themselves and we're just lucky not many of them succeed. And, you know, I believe it. In fact, just in the past 24 hours in our house, Luca fell three times, smacking her head into the ground. Once, she toppled off the recliner, sprawling onto her back. The second time, she was walking backward and tripped over a pillow, conking her head on the tile. And the third, she was trying to get off a chair in a restaurant waiting area, caught her foot, and flew face-first onto the brick floor. Amazingly, she seems to come away from these events without so much as a newfound fear, even when she has a bruise or bump for days.

And she's fearless all around. She climbs chairs, goes down the big kid slides all on her own, and even climbed 10 feet up a ladder the other day, tocheck out a treehouse her Grandpa is building. All this fearlessness is both adorable and scary as hell. I'm so proud that we have a girl who goes for things and is not scared, but I do worry about the cost of all the E.R. visits our future may hold.

Other random physical tricks Luca has picked up lately include snapping, whistling, trying to ride the dogs, picking things up with her toes (awww...just like Mommy!), and picking up anything not attached to the wall or the floor and putting it in a bag or purse to carry around the house. She also tries to put on her own shoes, as well as helping anyone who's over put their shoes back on and take them off. Apparently, she's obsessed with shoes, which could spell trouble for me in the coming years. She also loves coloring, sorting things and putting them in bags and tupperware, and building with her giant Lego blocks.

More than anything, Luca's language skills really amaze me. She's in the scary phase where everything we say could and often is repeated, meaning Mommy needs to watch her mouth. Some of the cuter words and phrases she's picked up recently are:

~ "Ess you!" (Bless You, said to everyone and everything around her that sneezes or coughs
~ "Awesome!"
~ "Yeah."
~ "ABC"
~ "Piggy" and "Ruby" (the dogs' names)
~ "A puppy!"
~ "A kitty!"
~ "Please"

She has a ton of other words to, ranging from hat to baby (babies being her latest obsession) to crayon (said more like "Craaaaa!"). But my favorite word of all time so far is "kisses", which she says about 100 times a day, and we oblige her every time. :)

With the weather slowly turning into something resembling fall, we've been playing outside a lot more, and taking her to places like the zoo or outdoor play areas, which she loves. She just really loves being outside ("side", as she calls it) and getting in the dirt.

We celebrated Halloween this month, with Luca dressing in style in two different costumes.

We took Luca to the polls to vote in an historic election. Poor kid was sick that day, but she humored me as we posted by both the 'Vote' sign and the 'No on 102' sign. Sadly, 102 passed, but happily we got the President we were hoping for!

We also took Luca to the zoo with some friends. This was really the first time she seemed to enjoy seeing the animals, and she and her buddies had a blsat riding in wagons and snacking on junk food.

We say it all the time, but we still don't know how we got so lucky to get Luca in our lives. I ask her how she got so sweet, and she says, "Yeah." And then I tell her I think someone sprinkled her head with sugar when she was born, and again she says "Yeah." My hope is someone's there to sprinkle the head of her little brother or sister too, since all this sweetness has us spoiled for sure.

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Troy and Jessica said...

18 months already?! I can't believe it! Still a cutie!


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