Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holy Hell.

I had a scary realization today.

I am pregnant. And due in about 17 weeks.

I am going to have a baby. At home. With no drugs. And too much of a 'rule-follower' mentality to even take a shot of whiskey to dull the pain. Just a birth tub, my husband, and a midwife.

Holy hell. What did I get myself into?!?!?!


Colleen Broach said...

Katie, you can do it. I promise, I had Will naturally, and labored mostly at home, all but the last 2 hours. You are strong, and have a great support team. Now quit worrying about 17 weeks from now, and enjoy everyday of the next 17 weeks.

Anonymous said...


I have never had a baby, (obviously) BUT if anyone can do it--you can! Just try and think about how wonderful having 2 children will be. How all the pain will be worth it and how then you can say that you had your baby exactly how wanted to.

You can do it.

Lunch? Soon?

Intern Emily


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