Friday, November 7, 2008

I thrive in randomness.

1. A friend shared with me that you can now have your name added to a list so you don't receive the phone book anymore. The yellow pages, more specifically. And while I'm all over this idea, my sweet hubby has a different idea. I do believe I married the only man who still thinks he cannot LIVE without the phone hard copy...white and yellow...this year's and last.

A sample coversation from a time long ago, whence I committed the grave sin of recycling the 47 old books littering the pantry floor and the top of the fridge:

Him: "There were NOTES on that book. NOTES about a place I liked for their calzones!"
Me: "Uh, if you liked it THAT much, you'd remember, right?"
H: "YOu know my memory sucks. You shouldn't have thrown them out!"
M: "There's always the internet...."
H: (cradling phone book to his bosom) "It's not the same. Please don't EVER throw away the phone book again."

2. This baby enjoys punching and kicking my sides. Luca loved to dig her elbows into my hipbones, but this little sprout is more into jabbing my abdomen. And heel-kicking my cervix. Go ahead, absorb that one for a moment. Moms know. Non-moms are adding this to the 'List of Reasons to Keep Taking My Birth Control', along with hemmies, stretch marks, darkened nipples that chap when you breastfeed, and stitches in the netherlands.

3. Current favorite snack: those sickly sweet pink and white circus animal cookies (with the multi-colored sprinkles) dipped in whipped cream cheese frosting.

4. My favorite snack when pregnant with Luca: Snickers Blizzard. Large. Extra Snickers, please. I've had friends who were all, "I have NO IDEA how I gained XX when I was pregnant!". I am not one of those people. I not only have an idea, I know precisely. Snickers. Blizzards.

5. Everyone thinks this baby is a boy. Well, there are like 4 people in my life who think girl, and apparently they all answered my blog poll. But the other 4 who answered, along with the balance of people in my life, seem to think it's a boy. I confess: I am still scared of having a boy. Mostly of weenie-related issues.

6. I've alerady started listening to Christmas music. I figure since we don't get a definitive season change here, I can decide when it's time. And the time is now. Thank goodness for Pandora radio (google it) which allows me to listen to anything, anytime.

7. It's officially footed jammie season in our house again. Now that the temperatures in AZ have dropped below 90 during the day (For real? For real.) it's cold at night. For some reason, Luca's room is always the coldest, so as soon as the temps dropped we knew it was time to dress her in something warmer than short sleeves and thin pants. I LOVE footed jammie season...the soft sweetness of the jammies, all squisjy and snuggly. I love how Luca looks like a Christmas card picture in her fuzzy footies, and how the slight static they create causes her fine hair to stand up on end around the collar. I love how they keep her toasty, so that when she wakes up at night and fusses, and I go in to check on her (because, yes, I AM that mom who goes in every time), her skin is pink and flushed, and she smells like sweet warm honey baby. I love that her little hands can disappear into the sleeves, and how she rubs the back of my arm with those disappearing fingers when she's sleepy and the soft plushness of the jammies tickles. I love when she wakes in the morning, happy (never grouchy...always happy) and I go to get her, and she laughs and smiles and holds out those little hidden hands and says "Up!" and she's still warm from sleep. I love footed jammie season.

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Troy and Jessica said...

1. That was SO funny!
2. I hear ya...Jonah loved kicking down there...not very comforable.
5. I agree w/ boy. & I was so scared to have 1, but it's been great...although he's still just a baby, so I've got time...
6. I told Troy last week that we should bust out with Christmas! I bet he would have if he hasn't been studying like crazy.
7. Cute...I like them, too.


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