Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tutus and Teddy Bears

It's been really fun to watch Luca grow and become more of a 'kid' and less of a 'baby' over these past few months. In addition to her language skills, she's playing like a kid plays these days. She's discovered dolls, which she carries around, hugs, places in an unmbrella stroller, and even tries to give milk to while cradling them. She's also fallen in love with stuffed animals, and every nap and bedtime she chooses one or two to take to her crib and snuggle with. She also really loves this one bear in particular, a giant brown one with a red bow around its neck. I think it's partially the softness, but it's also the novelty of having something bigger than her that she can manipulate. One of her favorite spots in the house is the staircase, and the bottom 3 steps have become 'her' zone, where she sits and talks to her dolls or plays with Q-Tips or looks over the hard cardboard pages of one of her books. So it's no surprise she decided to take Big Bear over to the steps and hang out with him for a bit. I love how she interacts with him in these pictures.

She has also discovered the joy of the tutu...this one was from the dollar bins at Target, which happens to be a great place to get stuff for kids. It fulfills the Target shopping need and it's cheap, so when your kid ruins, loses, or eats whatever you bought them, you don't really care. However, as much as she loves the tutu, I'm not sure she quite understands it yet. Rather than wearing it as a skirt, she much prefers to put it on ass a veil or, just as cute, her own homemade bolero. Check out my little baby fashionista.

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