Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Out in the Open.

I finally bit the bullet and told my boss we're expecting today.

My original plan was to tell after the NT scan, but since we don't have it scheduled yet but we HAVE heard the heartbeat, I decided this was the week to tell.

So, Monday I went into the office because we had 2 new interns starting. Technically, I am their 'supervisor' since I am a social worker and they are in the SW program at ASU, so I wanted to be present for their first day. I was with them pretty much all day, and sent them home early at 3. I was just working up the nerve to go in and talk to her when she popped her head into my office to say she was leaving for the day. I figured asking her to sit down for a pregnancy announcement as she was heading out the door wouldn't work so well, so I bailed on that plan.

Tuesday, we were alone in the office for almost an hour, and then she was out all day at meetings. I *could* have told her in the morning, but we ended up spending a long time talking about the DNC and Michelle Obama's speech, Ted Kennedy's past indiscretions, whether Cindy McCain will be capable of a speech nearing the power of Mrs. Obama's, etc. It wasn't the situation for bringing up a baby. Can you imagine? "Yeah, that Ted Kennedy is a dinosaur but the old school Dems sure love him. By the way, I'm growing what's probably going to become a new-school Dem in my belly right now."

So...Wednesday it was. I talked myself into saying something first thing in the morning, but I wussed out again. I was about to work up the nerve when my co-worker came in for the day. Scratch that plan. The rest of the day my boss had tons of meetings, so I hardly saw her. We did have to carpool to a meeting together, but have you ever tried to talk to someone about something really personal that you are nervous to talk a car? Holy awkward! So the car ride was out as well. But when we got back to the office after the meeting, I decided it was time to come clean. Without letting myself think about it, I headed into her office. In my imagination, I was going to say something really insightful and humorous to ease into the news. What really happened ws that I sat down and said, "Before you leave today, I wanted to talk to you. -Pause- I'm pregnant. -Pause- Again."

Oh WISH you were as good with words as I am!

Anyhow, her reaction was a wide eyed surprised look, and then she exclaimed, "Really?!?! How exciting!!" I think I really surprised her and she wasn't sure how to respond at first. She asked when I was due and I told her March...and the quick math in her head told her I'm almost 3 months. This is where i felt bad...for keeping quiet so I explained that we'd decided to wait to hear the HB before telling because of the risk of miscarriage early on. I also told her that last time I spilled to her at 5 weeks because I was new there and didn't want her to think potential morning sickness was a sign I needed rehab. Conversely, she now hopefully knows I'm not a lush or recovering heroin addict if I seem drowsy at my desk, so I figured it was less urgent for me to tell her ASAP.

Anyhow, it went over well, and we told my co-workers as well, so it's all out in the open. I'll have to let the interns know maybe next week, but I'm less worried about that.


Anonymous said...

Access Hollywood - lol. Do you feel better now that you got a good reaction from her? Deep breath :)

Mere said...

last line....hilarious. you are a funny one

cupcake monkey said...

I still think it would have been funny if you brought it up in the car. :)

Brandi said...

I just tipped off TMZ.


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