Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's exactly 24 minutes after midnight on January 1st, and I'm posting a blog entry. While all my single and child-free friends are out getting drunk and making out with a boyfriend/girlfriend/hot person at the bar, my husband and Luca are upstairs sleeping and I am awake and sober. Ah, the glamorous life of a mom. Go ahead...be jealous.

Anyhow, today we were at dinner (on a side note, we ate at 5:30, which is precisely when people with young kids and old farts go out to eat...in case you were curious) and we were talking about 2007. It was seriously one of our best years ever. It started off fabulously with our 3 year wedding anniversary in January and the purchase of our home in February. May was our Best Month Ever, and here's why:

May 3rd = our 10 year dating anniversary (obv. this photo was not taken on our anniversary...)
May 7th = Luca's birth May 11th = Darrick's graduation
The rest of the year was made fabulous by the addition of Luca, who has truly made us feel happier and more in love than ever (cheesy, right?).

So after talking about how we had this great and wonderful year, I was questioning whether it would be possible to top it. Can 2008 stack up to 2007? Is it possible it can be BETTER? Only time will tell, but my cute husband has assured me the best times are yet to come. It's hard to imagine anything topping this year (Dude - I gave birth. To a real, live baby. A cute one. Who's really funny, and smiles, and has a laugh that can stop time. Is it POSSIBLE to top that?!?!?!), but I sure hope Darrick's right!

And, just because I'm a mom and this is how moms roll, I'm adding some new pictures of Luca here. They're not really related to this post, per se, but who gives a damn?!?!? That kid is cute!



cupcake monkey said...

ahaha..I meant to say Happy New Year here, not in your Christmas post..oh well. :D

Nisha said...

Luca is the cutest little peanut! I just want to squeeze her!


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