Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things that Make Luca Laugh, Part II

Things That Make Luca Laugh:
1. Toe nibbles.
2. Belly nibbles.
3. Ruby and Miss Piggy.
4. Mommy yelling at Ruby and Miss Piggy.
5. The words "No.", "Naughty." and "Eat." The first two lead us to believe we're super screwed when she gets older. The last one's just freaking cute.

Things That Do Not Make Luca Laugh:
1. Raspberries anywhere but the belly or feet. Especially on the face --- do that and she'll look at you like you're SO mean.
2. The laughing bug toy.
3. Dogs that are not Ruby and Miss Piggy. She likes them. She watches them. She will not laugh at them.

1 comment:

cupcake monkey said...

I especially love that "naughty" makes her laugh!


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