Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Tree

Remember this guy?

The tree, I mean. Well I was really feeling like 2 weeks of having it in our house wasn't enough and wanted to find a way to include it in our ongoing fall holiday celebrations. So I came up with a Thankful Tree. I had grand plans to cut leaves out of something that would not be at risk of catching fire if it hit the lights, and writing a 'thankful' note on it each day. And then I changed my mind because I can be pretty indecisive, and I decided I didn't want that bare looking tree in my house for another month.

But out of that idea was born the real Thankful Tree.

A leaf for each family member, plus one for Ruby and a special one for Miss Piggy, who floats in our world still.

Top heart designed by Luca, bottom heart with all our initials.

Luca used streamers to make this grass, which she asked me to tape to the bottom. As you can see, a real, live 19 month old boy lives here and got his hands on the tree. Nothing a little scotch tape can't fix!

Every day, Luca and I sit down and talk about what she's thankful for, and we write out at least one leaf. Some days she wants more than one leaf, and other days someone else will add a leaf. We keep adding branches as the month goes on so that we can make more room for Thankful Leaves.

If you're looking for other ways to celebrate the Thankful spirit with your family, check out this post on YHL and this post from my friend at Cupcake Monkey. Both of their ideas for family traditions to celebrate the month of thanks are beautiful!


Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

I LOVE your tree!!! Piggy's leaf made me teary-eyed. I love you guys!!!

..and thanks for linking to my post!! You are too sweet. Funny, I hadn't seen YHL's post til reading this one and I went to leave a comment over there and it is right under yours! That's not really funny, I guess, but weird. And I wasn't trying to be all, "now look at MINE"...but it sure looks that way. :/

Anyway, I am done babbling. I need to lay off the coffee.

I am grateful for friends like YOU. xoxo

Sharon said...

I love this!! =)

Alea said...

Such a CUTE idea!!!


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