Friday, November 12, 2010

First Date.

"Mommy, tonight can we go watch the boys play football?"
"I don't know sweetie. Let's talk to your Daddy about it when  we get home."
"Ok. But I really want to go."
"Ok. We'll talk to Dad."

2 minutes later

"My favorite teacher, Miss ______ is going to the football."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah. We should go."
"Ok, we'll talk to Daddy about it baby."

30 seconds later

"Yeah babe?"
"M (her preschool 'boyfriend') is going to the football game and he said I should go."
"Yeah." (smiling sheepishly)


We were leaving to go to the game and I made the last minute decision to take two cars. Rohan wasn't himself, and I was afraid it would be too cold or too late or he would just be done for, and I wanted an escape route. Plus, secretly I wanted to hit the grocery store and run home to clean a bit since we have a friend coming over to do pictures early tomorrow morning.

The two cars ended up being a good idea. Mo was asleep 5 minutes into the drive. We woke him to eat, and I decided to take him home.

On our way home, we stopped at the grocery store for photo supplies and food we just needed: bananas, berries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, pumpkin, coffee creamer, eggs, honey, a new puzzle for the kids. Mo was in the best mood, sitting in the cart without whining, smiling and asking me to tickle his tummy then squealing "Again." in his sweet baby boy voice. We shopped and laughed and I soaked up every second of alone time with my little guy, who gets so little time with just me most days. When I stopped to put something in the cart, he stretched to the side and grabbed my neck, then pulled me in for a hug. I am going to bottle some of those and sell them to the World Powers That Be so they can make peace.

Immediately after we paid, I cracked open a big banana for him, and he sat in the cart excaliming, "YAY! YAY! NANANANANANANA!!!" all the way out to the car. Within seconds of strapping him in, he asked for his blankie clear as day (a first for him, saying that word) and fell instantly asleep. I love baby cheeks all fat and warm when they sleep.


Daddy and Luca got home from the game after 9. Her hands were cold, her eyes rimmed red from the crisp fall air and the effect of being up past bedtime.I changed her into footie jammies and took her up to bed. She asked me to rub her back so I complied and she told me that M was there and they played and it was fun and the big boys were running and running and running. As I rubbed her back she started to drift away, but when I stood she said to me, "I love being with Daddy."


I sent my daughter on her 'first date' to a high school football game tonight and stole some time with my little Mo. But I wasn't worried: She had the best chaperone in the world.

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Sharon said...

This made me happy. =)


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