Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mama Frog and Luca Butterfly

"Night Luca. I love you."
"No. Sit down Mama, sit DOWN!"
"I can't Luca. It's bedtime. Why don't you tell me what you will dream about tonight?"
"And what else?"
"Anything else?"
"LUCA butterflies!"
"What else?"
"Hmmmm....Mama as...a....FROG!"
"NO way?!?! That is awesome! What else will you dream of, Luca?"
"Dada as what, baby?"
"Dada as a KITTY CAT!"
"Ok, sweetie. Sweet dreams of Luca and puppies and Luca Butterflies and Mama Frogs and Dada Kitties."

:::shuts door:::

"MAMA! Hey MAMA!!!"

:::opens door:::

"Yeah, baby?"
"I love you, mama frog."
"I love you too, Luca butterfly."

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