Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big Girl

Ahahahaa....thank you Suzie for making me realize I somehow published this post without the text!!

This WAS a post about how Luca's using her big girl potty like a pro, and how it only took about 10 days for her to go from diapers to potty trained. But I don't feel like rewriting it because, honestly, a post about potty training is like listening to someone tell you about their cat's love for the toy mouse on a fishing pole. ONLY interesting to the person holding the fishing pole (or, as it were in this case, the Elmo undies).

Alas, I have a lot to update on, but you've all been spared THIS update because apparently my brain was not functioning well on such little sleep when I attempted to regale you with tales of the toilet.

You're Welcome.

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cupcake monkey said...

Am I missing something? :P


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