Sunday, January 29, 2012

Renovation in Progress.

Remember a while back, when I posted this list? Well, here it is updated, with steps we've since had to add in blue:

- Call insurance and file claim
- Remove baseboards
- Remove toilet and cover hole
- Remove tile
- Remove subflooring below tile
- Remove tub surround (also involves removing showerhead and closing off that pipe)
- Pull out and discard tub (also involves removing and covering drain into floor)
- Have insurance assessor look at damage and determine if it's going to be covered by insurance
- Cut away water-damaged drywall in garage ceiling
- Put in new insulation and replace drywall.
- Potential repair/replacement of subflooring in bathroom
- Potential refinishing of cabinets
- Sand, stain, buff, and poly cabinets, doors, and drawers
- Removal of current counters and cabinets
- Removal of hardware (towel rack, light plates, etc.)
- Spray paint hardware to brushed nickel
- Buy new globes to cover bathroom lightbulbs
- Spray paint cabinet hardward brushed nickel
- Clean ceiling to prepare to paint
- Repaint bathroom ceiling and walls
- Move existing drain and pipes for bathtub to accomodate new height
- Build support box for tub to sit in
- Installation of new tub and surround
- Buy and install new greenboard drywall for shower surround
- Tile new shower surround
- Hook up plumbing to bath and shower
- Paint room
- Reinstall fixtures on walls
- Installation of new flooring
- Installation of toilet
- Add risers to cabinets to increase height
- Move up bathroom mirror 3 inches to accomodate higher cabinets
- Reinstall bathroom lights
- Installation of cabinets (either refinished old ones with risers or new ones)
- Paint and install new baseboards OR use tile as baseboard
- Installation of countertops (either current one or new)
- Put in new faucets
- Add new shower curtain and bath mats

So, yeah. We've done quite a bit more work than we'd planned and added some additional steps yet to be done. I guess you could say this was much more work than we'd planned. I'm excited by our progress, and will share pictures soon!

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