Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On a January Morning.

This morning our alarms didn't go off, so I woke with a start when Darrick alerted me that we had 20 minutes to get everyone ready and our of the house.

"Shit!" I grumbled. And next to me in bed, a tiny voice mimicked, "Shit?"

Shit, indeed.

Walking downstairs, I realized I didn't smell coffee brewing. Turns out I forgot to set the coffee timer before bed, which usually isn't a big deal but when I'm running late making coffee isn't always doable. I quickly put some coffee on and went back upstairs to get clothes for the kids and me. Luca peered at me from under my own blanket which I'd just vacated a few minutes prior, and let out a hearty cough. She'd struggled to fall asleep through that same cough last night, and for a minute I couldn't figure out what to do. I called her over and she took my hand, her long, thin fingers lacing between mine. They were warm to the touch.

Downstairs again, I tucked her under a big blanket and she let out a little "Muuuuh." Not letting on what I was doing, I ran a hand over her forehead pretending to brush her hair out of her eyes, and she was warm to the touch.

An hour later, the three of us (Luca, Rohan, Mommy) were snuggled on the couch under two blankets, watching Disney Junior. We decided we needed Munchkins to get through the morning, so in our jammies and no shoes we ran to the nearest DD and went through the drive through, adding 2 small hot chocolates (with whipped cream and 2 ice cubes each, please) and a coffee to the order.

And now I'm sitting here, quickly sifting through work emails and watching my kids use stickers and markers to create art, feeling torn between soaking in a free day with my kids and doing something productive. I think, for one day, naps on the couch and kid TV are going to win out.

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