Friday, October 29, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

My husband is a high school teacher, and my daughter is in preschool at the early learning center on his campus. Today, the preschool is having a Halloween party, so the kids all got to dress up and at lunchtime the will Trick or Treat in the classrooms of the teachers who have a preschooler on campus as well as in the library.

In honor of that, here's my husband's costume for the day. I'm no makeup pro, but I'm fairly proud of the skeleton face I created for him.

Sadly, he wouldn't let me get in close enough with the face makeup to really color black around his eyes. Oh well.

*P.S.: "I totally freaked out the whole varsity football team. It was awesome."

Meanwhile, Luca changed her mind over and over regarding how she wanted to dress up. Finally, after debating between a pink and purple puppy or a green pig (...I don't know...) she opted to wear a Fairy Princess dress up costume as long as I promised to let her wear makeup too. Presenting, the Beauty to her Daddy's Beastly costume:

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