Sunday, July 26, 2009

So far behind

It's been too long since I posted a general update on Luca, much less something about Rohan. By the time they're in bed for the night, I'm too tired to type this all out and upload pictures, but it's overdue.

So, here's what's up in their world!

Luca is now 26 months old, and she amazes us with something new everyday. Her language skills are really impressive, she's getting a sense of humor all her own, and she's really showing herself to be a silly, kind, sensitive kid. She's also testing us more with her individuality and the "NO!" phase, but I hear about the terrible twos and I think, "If this is as bad as it gets, we really lucked out!". I know as her mom I am supposed to say that, but it is true almost to the point of being obnoxious. Just today my brother in law asked us, "Has anything ever been wrong with Luca?", which stumped me until he explained he never knew a kid her age could be so sweet and well-behaved and just all around easy to be with. Mind you, she does save her worst moments for when she's alone with us, but even those tantrums are usually about jealousy or not undestanding WHY something is as it is or just plain being tired. So, yeah, we're lucky and we know it.

Just yesterday, I was talking to her about daycare, because her former daycare buddy moved to California while I was on maternity leave, and I was worrie about whether she had new friends. So I asked who her best friend is now, and she replied, "Rohan is my best friend." Now, I know she doesn't really 'get' what a best friend is, but you had better believe that answer made my heart burst into a millions rainbows.

She's really into books right now, which comes in handy when I can use them to get her to do something she needs to do. She had a 48 hour bug 2 weeks ago, and after her fever was gone she didn't want to eat. So we pulled out a zuccini muffin, and told her it was green eggs and ham. She broke into a huge smile and said, "I do like them Sam! I do! I do!" and then she went ahead and ate a few bites. She also loves to 'read' books to Rohan and her baby (cabbage patch). Her baby, ironically is ALSO named Rohan, and she changes her diapers, puts powder on her bum, and makes sure baby gets fed.

Rohan is doing what any 4 month old does. He sleeps, he smiles, he coos and goos and almost laughs. He rolled for the first time before he hit 4 months, and now he's rolling front to back and back to front all the time. He's also very touch oriented. Part of this could be due to how much we had to hold him as a newborn because of his Masto, but to this day he craves being held and touched. He's known for grabbing tightly to a finger or a face when you try to set him down, and for holding onto my hand while nursing like a reminder to us to slow down and revel in the sweet infant stage. He's got good hand-eye coordination, and is able to pick up his Boppy, grab toys and bring them to his mouth, and touch his sister's face in a way that makes my heart melt into a puddle of love.

I started this blog post 4 days ago, and in that span of time when it sat unfinished, Romo decided to debut his laugh. And OH MY GOD if that didn't make my heart sprout wings and fly around the world, I don't know what could. Baby smiles and baby laughs are the BEST things I've ever been witness to in my life.

So that's the update on the kids. Both of them are doing very well. Rohan just started going to daycare with Luca last week. He's had a little trouble adjusting, but I think this is going to be his personality...that he's going to be a little less laid back and receptive to change than Luca. He is quicker to get enraged than she ever was, but the other side of that is that he's quicker to be filled with joy, and his face opens up into a smile a million times a day with an ease I never knew possible. I think over time he will adjust and grow to love Laura just as Luca does, but he will also get to spend one day a week with my mom and one day with Darrick's...he is a LUCKY boy indeed! I think it's so amazing that he and Luca will get that time with both Grandmas (and their Grandpa too!). We've been really blessed by our families, and our kids are too!

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