Tuesday, June 10, 2008

13 Months Old.

Luca's 12th month of life was a DOOZY! She did lots of new and fun things this month.

We started it off with a bang, by celebrating her birthday in style. We did the party the weekend before the actual day, and the turnout was amazing. Seriously, I had no idea our kid was this popular!!! She got gifts as far as the eye could see, and tons of loves and well wishes. I shared some pictures at the time, but I'm also attaching a montage of pictures taken by her wonderful Grandparents. (Please note, music goes along with this, so you may want to click the pause button to quiet the music on the righthand side of this page.)

The day of Luca's birthday I took off of work so we could spend some time together. She napped, we did some shopping and lunch out, and I held it together pretty well (stark contrast to the emotional breakdowns coloring the week leading up to her birthday). Luca and I also stopped by to visit her Grandparents and take a tour of the flowers. She loved playing on the 'flower wall' and splashing in the fountain.

We celebrated our second Mother's Day in low-key fashion. Darrick's mom was in town, so we spent most of the day with her.

The rest of the month was a flurry of busy weekends. We visited the zoo, spent some time with family, and learned some new skills. Most notably, Luca started walking on June 1st. It was a great night for us, and we feel so lucky we were BOTH here to witness it. She's now at the point where she's cruising all over the house. Falls don't even stop her, as she's already mastered the crouch-then-stand manuever.

The other super-cute thing she's started to do is covering her face when she laughs or is excited.

Yeah, I'm totally that mom who thinks my kid invented walking and being adorable. Deal with it! :)


Freemad said...

The video is great!!! Plus that's one of my favorite songs.

Tiffany said...

Totally made me cry! You have such a beautiful family!

Mere said...

your baby is so cute


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