Saturday, February 9, 2008

I admit it: I am sad.

My horse is out of the race, so to speak. And, no, I do not mean this douchebag:

By the way, I cannot claim the resurgence of 'douchebag' as an adjective. I owe that to the sexy genius that is Jon Stewart:

Anyhow, my 'horse' was John Edwards. Also known as the only candidate actually willing to SAY that America has :::shock!::: poverty and needs to address it!

Alas, he stepped down. I hope he'll be revived as a VP candidate, but I'm not sure it'll happen. Until then, I bid good-bye to the only Johnny in the race worth mentioning. Keep on keepin' on, John E.

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Lindsey J said...

Poverty! Katie, there are countries on this earth who do not have the same type of government as us - AND not everyone is a Christian (or white for that matter) and that needs to be addressed. If we stop for a minute to rebuild the homes of Americans in LA or get healthcare for those snot nosed kids - we will all be reciting the Quoran (which, of course, is wrong) in Arabic before the year is out.
For pete's sake - focus on whats REAL will you?!


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