Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How cute is she?!?!?

These pictures are of my friend Lindsey's kid. I am posting this without her ok, but Emma is too dang cute not to share pictures of. And, seriously, the HAPPIEST kid you will ever meet. She's always got a beautiful smile (courtesy of her mom..and shared by her beautiful older sister Lauren). Enjoy! I hope seeing her smile brightens your day like it brightens mine!

And, PS, that is her awesome dad Jeff pulling her along on the suitcase. Gotta give credit to good dads like him!


Crystal said...

When and where did you see them? I am so jealous!

Lindsey J said...

aaaawwww! Thanks Kate, I have to say I agree!

cupcake monkey said...

So so cute!!!

The Kahles said...

Stel, I didn't see them...she just sent me these pictures and they were SO cute I had to add them to my blog.

Crystal said...

OK good, cuz I was so jealous I wanted to spit bullets.


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