Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa and the Serious Baby

Luca had her first visit to see Santa Claus last night. We got there while Santa was throwing back a whiskey- - - - er, I mean, on dinner break, so the line was pretty short. After paying $89.95* for one 5x7 and a sheet of 4 wallets, she had her shot to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted.

On her list this Christmas:
~ A new Bop in every color of the rainbow so she can always be sure her pacifier and clothes are coordinated.
~ Bananas and pears and Animal Crackers
~ Snuggles
~ Tummy nibbles
~ A dozen or so more puppies to run around the house, sniff her toes, and entertain her in general
~ Lots of fingers and hairbrushes and books to chew on

I'm not sure if Santa will deliver on ALL those requests, but if any of her more well-to-do friends or family members happen to read this, we hear what she REALLY wants is a college fund and a trip to Hawaii. In case you were wondering.
Anyhow, leading up to the Santa visit, Darrick and I were not sure what to expect. I was split 50/50 on whether she would LOVE Santa and want to chew on his beard or FREAK about Santa. I was also torn 50/50 on which one I'd prefer. The smiling baby is so cute to have on film for posterity's sake, but the screaming red-faced baby-on-Santa's-lap pictures are Classic.

Well, it's a good thing Santa's Wonderland was not located within Circus, Circus, or I might ALSO be requesting a college fund for Christmas, because I would have lost my bet. My baby didn't do either of the things I expected. Instead, she did this:

Ah, Serious Baby Face. How I love thee.

Really, though, I think Santa appreciated how stoic Luca was. It's probably preferrable to either a chewed-on beard or a screeching mad baby peeing on his leg.
*If you actually think we paid $89.95 for pictures, please refer to my 'Cheap Husband' blog entry, below.


Dear Diary... said...

LOL!! She looks right on the threshhold of a major meltdown.....almost....

brandieib said...

Isn't it incredible when they don't react the way that you would expect (or hope for)? I swear, Luca and Ryan are soul mates.

Anonymous said...

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