Sunday, November 11, 2007

Door vs. Speed Bump

The scene: Wildflower Bakery on Guadalupe Road, 10:00 a.m., after eating breakfast.

The cast: Darrick, Intern Emily, Luca and her stroller, me, and some random woman and her boyfriend.

We just finished breakfast, and both Darrick and I decide we need to refill our coffee, because at the core we are caffeine addicts. Being the polite and considerate mom that I am, I decide that it would be wildly inappropriate to attempt to push my stroller with my baby through the very long line of people waiting to order just to get my fix. So, I leave Intern Emily with the stroller and the kid, and take my coffee cup and her soda to get a refill, since Darrick is already through to the other side.

Me, to random woman standing in the way of my next fix: "Excuse me. Can I just sneak through for a second to get a refill?"

Random Woman, to me: "Sure."

Random Woman, to her boyfriend as I pass by, said just loudly enough to so that I can hear: "I HATE being treated like a door."

Me, to Intern Emily after I finish getting the refills: "Next time, I'm going to take the stroller so that instead of being a door, she can be a fucking speed bump."


Anonymous said...

A. What a Biotch! I love your story though.
B. That pic of Luca in the red outfit is PROBABLY the cutest one I have ever seen of her yet.

Kellie said...

Ha! I love it.

JELL said...

ok, be ready because on November 20 - I will need a spoon as soon as I get to your house so I can eat that adorable baby! Can she BE ANY CUTER???? No, the answer is no.

Dear Diary... said...

LOL, that is awesome.


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