Thursday, November 1, 2007


We celebrated Luca's 1st Halloween yesterday by making her wear a pumpkin outfit and taking about 456 pictures. She helped us pass out the candy. I think she enjoyed seeing the other kids in costumes, although some of them got some funny responses out of her. We had to take her off Door Duty when she got her hands on a Tootsie Roll.....which then ended up crammed into her mouth and gummed almost flat. Her Daddy thought she must have dropped it when he couldn't find it....until her drool started coming out Tootsie Roll Brown. Alas, she's just fine AND we figured out she takes after me more than previously thought. She's shaping up to be quite the sweets-lover at the ripe old age of 5 months.

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brandieib said...

Oh damn! Stealing candy already, huh? You know, Ryan did something similar. He grabbed a kit kat out of our candy bowl when I was passing the stuff out the other night and had the corner of the wrapper chewed off and a bit of kit kat in his mouth before I even realized what had happened. It sounds like he and Luca are destined to marry. ;)


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