Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A weird thing happened to me over the weekend. I clicked to start a new post and realized it would be post #700. And I froze.

For some reason, this particular post didn't feel right for my 700th post. It wasn't...I don't even know...deep enough? Good enough? Interesting enough?

It wasn't 'writing' so much as it was just a bunch of stream of consciousness type self-obsessed journaling.

So then I spent a few days thinking about what would be a better 700th post. What would be big and meaningful. Maybe something insightful and thought-provoking? Perhaps a good story or some beautiful pictures. I even thought hard about waiting it out until next weekend when our master bathroom should be completely done and I could REVEAL it in all its glory.

And then I realized it doesn't matter that much after all, and maybe it would be better if my 700th post just said:

Holy wow...700 posts!

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