Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because I'm Nothing If Not Determined to Grow

I'm still training for Pat's Run in April. My training has slowed a bit as I've accepted that I don't have to keep track of minutes or miles unless I want to do so. Sometimes, I do. Other times, I don't.

But in addition to that, I'm taking part in a meditation challenge put on by the Chopra Center. It's free podcasts for 21 days, and it's amazing and difficult all at once.

The meditations are guided, meaning a guru of sorts spends a few minutes setting the scene for you, mentally, and then they guide you to meditate on a certain topic while music plays. After a time, they then guide you out of the state of meditation.

Meditation is challening. Quieting my mind can be hard, and once it's cleared staying awake can be even harder.

Tonight, though, it all hit home with this meditation intention:

Go forward with a vibrant, healthy body; a quiet, peaceful mind; and a joyful spirit.

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