Monday, December 26, 2011

Forward Strides.

Christmas is over, and already I'm looking anxiously toward 2012's start. After the challenges of this year, I can't help but think that 2012 will be better. There just doesn't seem to be any other possibility, both for us personally and for the universe as a whole.

I'm thinking about new years and resoultions. I'm thinking how I fell flat this year, weighed down and buried under a world of challenges and struggles. And this year, I'm approaching things a little differently. This year is all about goals. we're working on setting them already, Darrick and I spending many cold, late nights after the kids are in bed talking on the back patio about where our family has been and where we're going next. Jobs. Money. Kids. Home. Health. I'm lucky to be married to someone who I can gaze lovingly at, but who more importantly is excited to face the future with me, both of us looking in the same direction.

I'm ready for 2012. I'm ready for goal setting and goal making and celebrating goals achieved.

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