Monday, September 12, 2011


Today is a sick day. Luca woke from naptime yesterday complaining of ear pain and feeling hot. We used peroxide to clean her ears and then put Hyland's drops in them and sent her to bed with some Tylenol to ease the pain. Her fever was back this morning, at about 99.8 when she woke. It got up to 101.8 late this morning, then appeared to break and go back down. I could tell it was getting better because she went from laying on the couch moaning and asking me to 'just come sit' by her to playing in the fort Rohan and I were making and bossing him around.

Grandma came over just in case to check her ears (grandma, being a retired nurse, has her own otoscope) and brought lunch. Her ears checked out with just minor redness and her fever is definitely retreating. I'm glad she's feeling better, but I also confess I don't hate sick days. I actually love spending the day watching 'kid shows' on the couch and having a built-in excuse to feed my kids popsicles after breakfast.

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