Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Am Thinking About...

...Being a mom who has a full time job out of the home and a husband with a full time job out of the home plus a coaching gig 5 days a week is hectic. Most days I rush out of the house in the morning (routine: wake, get kids and their clothes, make coffee and lunches for Luca and myself, pack backpacks and my work bag, put on make up, get dressed, make sure kids are ready and do Luca's hair, run out door with them and help Darrick load/buckle the kids), work a full and busy day, and rush out at exactly 4 p.m. so I can get them both picked up by 5. When we get home, they play while I make dinner, then we eat, play more, get on jammies, play more, give baths, brush teeth, read books, put them to bed and sing songs. Even with Darrick coming home usually before dinner's done cooking, it's a lot of work and energy, and I love every second of it but I miss the days when everything wasn't so rush-rush-rush.

...I had a full blown fantasy the other day that involved short selling our house and renting. I'm fairly certain I could find us a bigger place in a better location (I love our house and its location, but that's not the point) for much cheaper. And with our A/C nearing 20 years old and a lot of upgrades needed on this house, the idea of scrapping the debt and starting fresh with something that hits the wallet less is super appealing. Of course, we all know Darrick and I would never do that unless we had absolutely no other choice, but once in a while the idea is so appealing.

...Every summer I wish I was a teacher. I long for summers off. I hit my 5 year anniversary at my job, which means I now get 6 weeks of paid time off a year, so in theory I almost could take a whole summer. Just wish my job was the kind where I don't dread how much catching up I'll have to do when I take a vacation.

...These two little birds had their first sleep over without mom and dad a few weekends back. It was less emotionally traumatic for me than expected, probably because I have had to travel away from them overnight before. And probably also due to the sheer quantity of alcohol I consumed in their absence.

...Speaking of absence, I've been a little bit absent around here as of late. Some weeks I need to write, and write a lot. Other weeks, I need to rest my hands and my mind and let my thoughts appear, manifest, and then disappear into the ether. I miss writing when I don't do it much, though, so maybe soon I'll be back to a more regular writing schedule. 

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