Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Day.

To My Husband,
You have changed countless diapers, held a crying baby more times than either of us can count. You've rocked and shushed and kissed sweet candy toes and apricot cheeks. You have tended to boo-boos of both the real and the imagined varieties. You've perfected the crafts of ice pack making, Butt Paste applying, dinnertime coercion, bedtime story reading, and fun making. Our kids admire and adore you. They hear your car when you come home, and their eyes light from within. You come after them with 'tickle hands' and their belly laughs get louder and louder.

We celebrated you today, for all you are and all you do for our family. I am blessed beyond measure to have a husband who is a true partner in life and in this journey we've chosen to creating our own family. Everytime I hear you soothe tears or sing songs or read the same book for the millionth time, I silently thank my lucky stars to have you in my life and theirs.

We love you.

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