Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls' Night Out.

Oh my how times have changed! Instead of drunken debauchery fueled by tequila and uncomfortable yet sexy shoes, girls' night out now looks a little more like this:

Yep, my camera lens is still not working, so cell phone pictures it is!

Thanks to my (childless) brother who won 3 complimentary tickets to the Disney on Ice Princess show, Luca and I got to have a girls' night out last night. We decided to invite one of her BFFs, Madison, whose mom just had a sweet baby girl less than 2 weeks ago, partly because we figured mom and dad would appreciate a quiet evening with the newborn while their toddler was entertained.

Sweet blonde buddies and Capitalism. Ahhh, America.

In the spirit of girlie fun, I even broke out of my super-cheap ways and bought Luca some obnoxious piece of plastic with a spinning top and lights and I let the girls share a snow cone in a collector's cup which cost more than the last pair of jeans I purchased for myself. But that's neither here nor there. Because, honestly, these faces right here made the hassle of driving downtown and finding parking and being price-gouged undeniably worth it:

I confess to getting a little choked up during the night over how sweet these two are together. On the long drive to the arena, they sat holding hands in the backseat, reaching across the empty space between car seats so they could touch. They giggled and told each other stories in their little chipmunk voices, each girl one-upping the other with their silliness until finally the backseat was nothing but a fit of high pitched giggles.
Both girls were light enough that they had trouble keeping their theater-style seats from folding up on them, so several times throughout the show I'd look over and see nothing but little-girl sandals and hair sticking out the folded-up seats.

They ended up sharing one fold-down seat about halfway through the show, with Luca wrapping her arm around Madison and them giggling like co-conspirators. It absolutely melts my heart to see them together, smiling and giggling and sharing a little world. After we dropped Madison off at home, I asked Luca what she thought about her, and she said, "I just love Madison. Even, she makes me happy."
I have a lot to say about Disney and Princess and girls and feminism, but that's for another post.

PS: No idea what's going on with the weird formatting, but I give up on trying to fix it.

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