Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Seems Clever At the Time

It seems clever at the time, but in reality, the headband/scarf/bandana is the universal sign for "I didn't wash my hair this morning." among women. Isn't it? This morning I planned my entire outfit around laziness, meaning I had to wear something that would match with the only scarf worthy of hair-wearing, a light green and white one which has also served as a belt in a past life when my waist wasn't the circumference of a barrel in which you might see someone tumbling over Niagara Falls. It's now relegated to Greasy Hair Cover, matched with Kelly green pants and a black peasant-feel top. AKA the only clean outfit with which the scarf would blend, thereby hopefully looking more like a thoughtfully chosen accessory than a grease-catcher.

Except that, it's universal. Isn't it? I don't know a single adult woman who has not attempted the whole, too-lazy-to-wash-so-I'll-cover-instead trick. Go ahead...claim you've never done it. You're either lying or scarily germophobic. And so, when I decided to do my daily act of kindness and get coffee for Luca and Rohan's 'nanny'*, I noticed the glance the drive thru chick at Starbucks gave me. It went a little like smile, glance furtively at scarf on customer's head and determine she is attempting to hide grease, smile a little wider.

Because, you see, she didn't wash her hair this morning either. Her wide black headband tells me it's so.

*(a) we call our daycare provider a nanny because she's too fabulous to be called a 'sitter', and 'nanny' makes me feel a little more high class, and (b) ok so I really wanted a nonfat pumpkin spice latte so I could pretend for a moment it's actually going to be fall sometime soon in this hellhole metropolis I call home, but I DID buy he a coffee because I think she's fabulous

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Crystal said...

I don't use a scarf or headband to hide my oily hair! Geez!

I pin my bangs back instead.


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